ECTO (Electric Cosmology Talking Opportunities)  


Rob Shaw
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24/10/2018 8:53 pm  

As discussed in the Quantocks, Philip Francis and Robert Shaw have begun monthly Electric Cosmology get togethers in London.

We are trying to blend live audience with on-line participation; we're in the early phases, but have already hosted Piers Corbyn to speak about the Electric Universe perspective on the weather, and will be hosting Eugene Bagashov (sic) this November.

Today Rob Shaw went to a physics lecture by Joseph Silk at Gresham College about Dark Matter. Professor Silk admitted on record  that Dark Matter was unfalsifiable!

We are looking for speakers to come to our events, and events we can go and speak at. We hope to create a London Hub of the Electric Universe Community.

Please feel free to say hello!



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