Reconnect 2018

For those new to EU UK, this was our first ever event – held back in July at the height of the long hot summer in Bath and The Quantock hills. Many of the key figures in this exciting alternative cosmology were present – including Don Scott (Electric Sun) and Wallace Thornhill (Electric Universe) – alongside representatives from the independent SAFIRE project (testing the models) who gave their first ever presentations outside of North America.

The list of talks included in our package (Ј12.99) is below the trailer. These are hosted by Vimeo-on-demand. Click the link in the top right of the trailer screen, or click here, this will take you through to the Vimeo portal. 

The SAFIRE Project 2018 report (Saturday) and individual talks by the Montgomery Childs and Dr. Michael Claridge (Sunday) are now available free-to-air. See below.

Full conference schedule and speaker bios here.

Talks included in our “rent all videos” package


Wallace Thornhill
The Electric Universe Paradigm Shift

Dr. Donald Scott
An Introduction to the Electric Sun
Dr Jeremy Dunning-Davies
The Past and Possible Future in Astrophysics/Cosmology
Piers Corbyn
The Earth’s Weather and Solar Activity

Ian Tresman
The Physical Evidence for the Electric Universe

Rupert Sheldrake
Is The Sun Conscious?



Dr. Donald Scott
Intergalactic Birkeland Currents
Edwin Kaal
The Structured Atom Model and Transmutations
Dr Patrick MacManaway
Is Nature conscious?
Wallace Thornhill
Future Science in our Electric Universe